Sheltered spot for frost-sensitive plants
In winter, the location of frost-sensitive plants is important. Plants that are barely sheltered have a harder time than plants that are out of the wind in, for example, a city. It also often gets a lot colder in the east of our country than in the coastal provinces. Not only can the cold damage the plants, a heavy rain shower can also cause damage.

Frost sensitive plants
Frost-sensitive plants are perennials that die in frost. The temperature at which this happens differs per plant. Preferably place these plants in pots so that you can move them and let them overwinter in a cool place on the veranda, in a shed or greenhouse. Frost-sensitive plants usually do not die from cold, but from wet feet.

Bring frost-sensitive plants indoors
Is moving difficult? Then make sure the plants are in a well-drained place. Many frost-sensitive plants can withstand a few degrees of frost – it often freezes in the country of origin – but in case of severe frost these plants really have to go inside. Think of a shed, garage, unheated room or hallway.

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