1. Less needle loss with a Christmas tree with root ball
In general, Christmas trees with a root ball (from your own garden) or in a pot remain healthy the longest, because they can absorb water through their hair roots. Whichever Christmas tree you choose: it is always important to let a tree acclimatize first. After purchase, put it in the shed or another cool and dry place in the house for a day. For example, the transition from the cold outside air to a warm house is less significant and you can reduce the chance of needle failure.

2. Nordmann or Japanese Silver Fir
With its full branches and shiny needles, the Nordmann has been the most popular real Christmas tree for years and we can only applaud that; the tree hardly loses any needles. Another tree that loses almost no needles is the Japanese fir. This is a smaller species with soft needles that also spreads a wonderful pine scent. The prices of the Nordmann and Japanese fir are slightly higher than average, namely € 40 to € 50 for a tree between 1.50 meters and 2 meters high, but they are more than worth it.

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