Why a tree in the house?
A tree in the house may sound a bit unnatural. Normally a tree is outside in the open ground, so that it has all the space and nutrients to grow. In a pot that is a different story and that is why it takes some knowledge to keep a tree happy and beautiful in your home. Why you should? The large, green leaves absorb sound, are real air purifiers, give a feeling of shelter when you have a lot of privacy and, not unimportantly, they often regulate their own water balance very well. So what should you pay attention to? Indoor trees need a large flower pot to grow and, because they get on the heavy side, good support.

Ideal indoor trees
Not every tree is happy with an indoor climate, but there are a few trees that also enjoy themselves indoors:

Ficus or fig as a tree in the house
You probably know the fig as a large houseplant, but the XL fig tree is also an option if you want a tree in your home. A ficus that you can put well in the living room is the Ficus carica Brown Turkey. A fig tree always has to get used to the sun. Therefore, first give it a spot in partial shade and move the tree more and more towards the window. When there is enough light, the fig will grow again. Would you rather not have it go fanatically towards the ceiling? Then keep it a bit smaller by cutting open the root ball. Furthermore, you really only have to ensure that the potting soil always remains slightly moist. This usually means giving a good splash of water once a week. Watch out for a place in the draft and repot the fig in time.

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